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Classic J’S2k

With the recent influx of super low offsets and extra flashy wide bodies, it’s kinda refreshing to see that some people still stick to what I like to call, the benchmark of Japanese tuning. What I mean by this term is the notion of going a more functioning route as far as modifying a car is concern, the likes of this J’s racing S2000 for example.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 2218045_zpsjtfcvxug.jpg

 photo 2218048_zpsg1ndlmys.jpg

Several years ago, this would’ve been what most S2000 owners would be striving for.

 photo 2218040_zpsmhsmjeku.jpg

 photo 2218043_zpsbfbipnct.jpg

Type-S Version II.

 photo 2218067_zpsgo7ctbp1.jpg

Those SSR Type Fs match nicely with the J’s Racing kit.

 photo 2218049_zpswvsm3qgy.jpg

Of course a J’s GT wing is appropriate for this car.

 photo 2218041_zpsclvwnpeq.jpg

 photo 2218066_zpsjlwutoyy.jpg

To be honest, this is my type of S2000. No flashy low offset wheels and crazy custom wide fenders and such. Just simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.


Race-Bred EM1

Happy 2017 guys! I’ve been away from the site for far too long, but I’m back! And hopefully a little more active this year. You guys can always follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM as I’m more active there. Anyways, for my first post of the year it’s an old set I took last year of a gorgeous EM1 at a local car meet. Enjoy.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo ek1.jpg

 photo toydrive1.jpg

I love how simple and effective the exterior of this Civic is, just a great mixture of function and form.

 photo ek3.jpg

Mag Blue TE37, Alcon BBK, and Nitto NT01. You know this combo means serious business!

 photo ek4.jpg

If the exterior doesn’t convince you that this is a race car, perhaps the interior will. Digital dash, quick release, and sequential shifter among other race car things.

 photo ek2.jpg

One more look at the beautiful exterior.

Pandem Egg

Got a few photos of the Pandem EG I had stored on the hard drive so I decided to do a little edit and post them up here on the site. My posts have been few and far between, so gonna try to get some more material to post up here in the next few weeks.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo civic1_zpsb7nbu0j8.jpg

 photo civic2_zpspywaxwv8.jpg

 photo civic3_zpswnjpn44p.jpg

 photo civic4_zps6ec9jpdp.jpg