Powerneedy S2000 @ Super Lap Battle 2019

It’s hard to believe that the Honda S2000 has been out of production for a decade already because it’s still a staple in many track and time attack events. The sporty roadster features a timeless and sleek design that ages exceptionally well, and it also packs a performance punch in the high compression F-Series power plant, perfect weight distribution, double wishbone suspension, and many other attributes. Couple the design and performance features to a healthy offering in aftermarket support, one can see why this platform remains so popular with track-oriented enthusiasts. In the recent Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway, the S2000s’ popularity was evident as more than 10 examples competed in the event. But amongst the 10+ entries, there was one particular car that stood out from the rest…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The J’s Racing Type-GT clad Powerneedy beauty has been a regular at nearly all West Coast GTA events the past several years and it’s one of my favorite cars to see and shoot out there.

In the last year or so, they added the AJ Hartman rear diffuser that really “completes” the look of the car.

One of the things I love most about this car is its use of authentic products throughout the vehicle. I mean, this thing is putting down 1:48.xxx lap times on an authentic J’s Racing wide body kit… that’s got my respect for sure!

Details, details, details…

The widen body panels allows the car to fit 18×11 Forgestar F14 wheels and 315 Hoosier slicks!

The J’s Racing kit looks right at home ON THE TRACK.

One more shot of the car during a gorgeous golden hour moment at Buttonwillow.

More photos from SLB is still to come, so be sure to check back for more!!!

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  1. An S2000 with an authentic J’s widebody kit? On a track, (and not just flexing at car shows or on Instagram) with a 1:48 lap time? What a wonderful sight to see.

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