Attack Maximum Challenge 2018: RX7 Special

As I’ve mentioned on my previous posts, the Mazda RX7 FD3S has been a pretty dominant platform for time attack in Japan for many years. This year at Attack Tsukuba, the RX7 FD have yet again proven itself to be a premier time attack option by securing some of the fastest times on grid. But the most crazy and unique thing about the RX7 is you can utilize the Wankel for both N/A and turbo setups where both can dominate in their respective classes. Of course you can argue that other cars can do the same but few can be as effective as the RX7 as it can produce some incredible power from an exceptionally small rotary power plant (on both setups). Also, is there anything short of F1 that’s more orgasmic than the symphony from a 3 or 4-rotor Wankel?… I think not…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

There were literally 15-20 FDs competing during Attack Tsukuba with the fastest being non other than the Sakamoto Engineering car. This car is always special to me because it can achieve insane lap times on a rather minimalistic setup and they do it with ease.

54.472 was the best time of the day for the Sakamoto Engineering FD trailing only behind the VivaC Escort Evo.

The versatility of the RX7 was evident with the Full Stage “Shark” FD3S that competed in the N/A Class with its 3-rotor 380HP power plant that pretty much dismissed the next closest car in the Aslan EG by nearly a full second. The “Shark” FD finished the day with a 55.595, a personal best I believe.

The fully redone Top Fuel Racing FD3S was also on hand for some shakedowns and testings of the new setup.

Just a quick look at the exterior and you can see the car has ditched the old FEED x RE-Amemiya setup for a custom kit from Panspeed. Definitely more aerodynamically sound with this new setup, although no lap times were recorded as they were not officially competing in the event.

The 2JZ-powered New Type Racing FD was probably my least favorite car out as far as aesthetics were concerned… I remember saying this last year, and I guess my sentiment towards this car remained the same.

It looked like the ugly duckling no matter who it parked next to…

The Craft Company RX7 was also on hand sporting the gorgeous Total Car Produce Magic kit. It ended the day with a best time of 56.620 unable to set a new personal best.

The Proshop Fukuoh backed RZ Factory RX7 was probably my favorite FD of the day. I’ve grown to really love the Knight Sports front end for the car.

Although the car looked great, it finished the day well below its target time of 1:00 with a 1’04.336.

Grey is such a beautiful color especially on the “Cement No.1 & No.2” FDs.

Wayyy in the back of the paddock area, I ran into Hiroyuki Watanabe whom I met the day prior at RE-Amemiya HQ in Chiba. He’s the older dude in the blue track suit competing in the Second Class with his red 450HP FD that finished the day with a 1’00.614 lap time… a bit off from his personal best in the 59 second range.

RE-Amemiya mixed with TCP-Magic… I’ve seen this setup stateside as well and it looks beautiful.

At 360HP and full weight, the Dragon FD still managed to secure a new personal best with a 1’01.810 lap time.

Who wore it better?

I pick the white. By the way, these two were competing in Women’s Class… does it make you doubt your manhood yet?

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