Year 2017: The Recap

I can’t believe it’s almost time to ring in the new year, and I can’t believe I’m sick again… which is why I have time to write this post I guess. It’s my second time being bed-ridden in the past two months, so I’ve definitely gotta focus on taking care of my body this up-coming year. But as far as the progress of this site goes, I think it’s been a pretty decent year for 2017, although it’s still far from where I want the site to be.

Even though I’ve had this site for the past seven years, 2017 was the year that really defined what I wanted MoMoHitsTheSpot! to be and to represent. First thing that I knew I had to do was switch from “reposts” to “original content”, and it all started with my first visit to Tsukuba Circuit in February for the Tsukuba 2000 Championship. Being in the presence of all those Japanese time attack cars and seeing them in action really inspired me to continue to cover time attack events which led me to Sydney for the World Time Attack Challenge and Buttonwillow for Super Lap Battle. Of course, there were a few shows and specialty events between the time attack ones, but they were the catalyst of a transformative year for the site.

Looking back at the year though, I think I could’ve fit in more events in my schedule, especially during the summer months, but I guess that’s something I can address for the up coming year. Also, the site’s been lacking on quality features, so addressing this lack of features for the site will be a top priority heading into the new year. One thing that I’m really grateful for though, is the continued support from many of you readers and friends. Even though there’s a lot of you guys who I’ve never met either online or in person, I’m glad that you’ve chosen to follow me on my automotive journey. So, that about summarizes my thoughts for 2017 as far as this site is concerned, a lot of “ups” with just a few “downs”, and I’m ready for more growth in the near future and hopefully create some new friendships with you guys along the way!

Before I wrap up the recap, let’s take a look back at some of my favorite shots of 2017…

TC2000, the place that started it all…

All the shop visits… (Garage G-Force, ASM Autobacs, Powerhouse Amuse, Top Secret, Type One Racing, Car Shop Glow, J’s Racing, Pro Staff R-Magic, Mine’s Motorsports, Panspeed, Yashio Factory)

And of course, there’s the World Time Attack Challenge and Super Lap Battle events that really highlighted this year…

There’s photos from several other events that I’ve left off this post, but you guys can always go back and check them out if you want. And to cap off this post, I hope that the new year will bring a renewed and/or continued passion for cars for all of you guys out there! Also, be safe with all things you do related to automobiles, and last but not least, lay off the replica parts!

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