MoMo Hits Up Rotary Specialist PANSPEED

Hi guys, hope everyone had a nice Christmas and got some nice gifts from your loved ones, and if you’re still on vacation… must be nice… Anyways, I’m gonna keep the writing short on this post since I feel a cold coming and don’t have the energy to spend too much time on writing. But as the title suggests, a couple months ago I squeezed in some time on my Japan trip to head out to the out-skirts of Tokyo to visit a little RE tuner called Panspeed.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Compared to other shops I’ve visited, Panspeed was actually pretty easy to access since it’s pretty close to the train station. Unfortunately, this time around we weren’t able to go inside the shop itself since nobody was working inside.

However, their garage was accessible and featured a familiar customer car in the white wide body FD.

Their time attack RX8 was tucked away in the back of the garage… and in typical Japanese tuner fashion, there were parts scattered all over the floor.

Right outside the garage was a red FC that a mechanic was working on. It looked exceptionally clean on the gold BBS LM.

After a quick tour of the Panspeed garage, we headed to the back lot to see if there’s any hidden treasures to be found, and surely, there was.

It looked like a RE graveyard in the back lot…

Even though it looked like a pick-n-pull, there were some very fine examples…

This was a short visit as my buddies were also with me at the time and we had to keep up with our schedule, but I’ll probably be back in the future for a more in-depth visit. Also, I’ve got a short walk around video of the garage area at the end of the post, so make sure to check that out.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! I got one more shop visit to post up, so stay tuned!

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