MoMo Visits Yashio Factory

So I’ve finally caught up with most of my Japan photos from back in October, there’s still a few strays that I need to bundle up into a post, but this is the last stop from my most recent stay in JDM land. Yashio Factory wasn’t on my list of shops to visit but I decided to tag along with my friends since they’re really big into drifting (although Yashio Factory does time attack as well). This visit turned out to be pretty cool and inspiring as this was the shop with the most character I thought, out of all the tuning shops I’ve visited so far. I’ll explain what I mean by character after the break.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Like many tuning shops in Japan, the place is pretty inconspicuous with just a sign on the side of the building… although the cars out front can be a huge giveaway.

A customer S15 Varietta was sitting pretty on some huge Advan RS-Ds.

A quick look inside the shop and you’d get an idea on what I mean by it having character. At first, I thought it was really messy, but after awhile I realize that even established names in the tuning industry can still have such a laid back environment in their work space. And to be honest, a part of me would prefer this type of work space over a clean cut (professional looking) one…

The Yashio worker that was rebuilding an engine while we were there had the courtesy of cleaning off their competition S15 for me to get a few shots off. You just gotta love Japanese hospitality!

Moving back outside the shop, S-chassis’ can be seen lined up on the other side of the garage.

Moving further out into the streets, a couple of gorgeous S15s lets people passing by that there’s a serious tuner in the building.

The beautiful Vertex S15 is rocking mismatched Advan AVS Model T6 out back and Gram Lights 57PROs out front.

Couple more shots of this red beauty before we move on to the other car.

Advan RS’ matches perfectly with this Yashio Factory wide body kitted S15.

The blue Bride buckets and blue Sparco steering wheel is nicely matched with the exterior.

A few more shots to wrap up this visit to Yashio Factory. It was great chit chatting with the guys at the shop even though there was still a language barrier… I guess I need to really brush up on my Japanese…

Anyways, thanks for looking!

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