MoMo Visits Garage G-Force

After an exciting day at Tsukuba Circuit, I decided to explore Tokyo a bit the next day and start my car shop hopping journey that following Monday. As Monday approached, I had to make sure that I was strict on my schedule because I was traveling strictly by public transportation, and I wanted to ensure that I get to the shops before their closing time. For my first stop, I decided on Garage G-Force. As many of you know, Garage G-Force is synonymous with Mitsubishis, especially the Evos, and since they’ve been hitting it big in time attack, I knew I had to pay them a visit.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

A train ride to Yokohama Station and then a short bus ride later, I was here. This was actually one of the more easily accessible shops on my list, so that was a big plus.

Outside the shop, as you’d expect was nothing but Evos.

Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titan on an Evo X right outside the shop. You know that’s $$$$$$.

And as you move inside the shop…

It felt like Christmas came early…..

Further inside, I spotted a gorgeous Evo 7 and a special something perched on the lift…

The most sexiest S15 you will ever see. If it looks familiar to you…..

Yes, it’s this same Vertex Edge S15 as seen on Yokohama/Advan Wheels ads. Or otherwise known as, Nobuteru Taniguchi’s S15.

I ended up staying for just 30 minutes or so because they were busy dynoing a VI in the back and there was a pretty big language barrier between me and the guys at the shop. Non spoke English!!! But regardless, I was glad I made it out here, and I can’t wait to share my next stop with you guys. Until then…..

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