MoMo Goes To Pro Staff R-Magic

Moving towards the Tokyo area, my next stop after visiting J’s Racing was Pro Staff R-Magic. There were actually a few more shops I wanted to visit around the Kansai area but I had other plans with my traveling buddies, so I was only able to stop by J’s Racing this time around. Next time I will plan a few more days around Osaka so I can check off a few more shops on my list. But back to the matter at hand, I was able to make several shop visits around the Tokyo area, and I’m going to start off with the Mazda specialist, R-Magic.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

A train ride, a bus ride, and a short walk later… I was there. The sign is a little inconspicuous but you can’t really miss the shop with the cars out front.

The first thing I did was actually walked to the back of the shop because I knew a special black car was there… although, collecting dust…

You can tell by all the angles I got of this RX-7 how much I love this car. I just love cars that are aesthetically pleasing and photogenic, and the R-Magic wide body is both of those things.

But enough of this RX-7 for now, let’s head inside the shop…

Once you step inside, the first thing that greets you is their famous pink FD.

What a beautiful sight… race gas, turbo, and engine, a combination meant for serious business.

And of course, the 50+ horsepowers of stickers and related accessories.

Moving back outside…

All Mazdas.

A closer look inside the work area. It’s safe to say that your Mazda would be in safe hands here.

Even in their back shed there’s walls of wheels and a pretty clean FD there, too.

Two different looking RX-8s but both equally pleasing to the eyes.

Spotted a super clean R-Magic tuned Atenza… or Mazda 6.

And a few more shots of the wide body to cap off this post…

So there you have it! A pretty straight-forward visit out in the boonies to check out some Mazdas… just kidding, but I’ve always been a big fan of RX-7s and R-Magic, so this visit was on top of my priorities for this trip. With that said, I’m just getting started, so check back to see where my next stop is!

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