Long Live The Black Mamba

Everyone in the car community knows that the R34 GTR is among the best sports car to ever come out of Japan. With a sophisticated AWD system, 276HPs of twin turbocharged RB26DETT, and numerous performance enhancements, the R34 GTR is pretty much a race car coming out of the factory. But like all things in general, there’s always room for improvement, and this Auto Select tuned R34 has all sorts of improvements.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo gtr1_1.jpg

 photo gtr2_1.jpg

One look at this GTR and you can see the beauty and aggressiveness of the Auto Select and Nismo treated exterior.

 photo gtr4_1.jpg

 photo gtr3_1.jpg

That Auto Select “Devil Wing” definitely takes some getting used to.

 photo gtr5.jpg

 photo gtr6.jpg

Endless BBKs and Volk Racing TE37 is a classic combo.

 photo gtr7.jpg

Motor wise, this monster is packing an Auto Select treated N1 Spec motor pushing close to 600HPs, pretty damn good for a street/track setup.

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