Mild & Classy: Ross Abrina’s Street-Spec BRZ

Can’t believe I’ve had this website up and running for over six years now and I gotta admit, I’ve gotten a bit lazy with updates and stuff. But every now and then I still find the motivation to update the site with some new posts. One of the things that motivates me to continue to blog and write on here is when I see my friends modify their cars in a way that correlate to what this brand is all about; Function, Form, and most importantly, Authenticity. And to demonstrate these three points, here one of my latest shoot of a mildly tuned BRZ owned my a very good friend of mine from the Central Valley.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

I’ve been told that there are a lot of plans for this car, and it actually have some new parts installed since this shoot, so be on the look out for a re-shoot sometime soon.

 photo brz4small.jpg

 photo brz5small.jpg

 photo brz3small.jpg

When I say authentic, I MEAN authentic. Just the front end alone, you can spot out a Wasp Composite splitter and a pair of Cleib carbon canards. (An S Craft front lip has been added since this shoot)

 photo brz6small.jpg

A set of SSR GTV02 to upgrade the stock footwork.

 photo brz7small.jpg

To further solidify the authenticity of parts on this car is a duel exit titanium Zele exhaust.

 photo brz2small.jpg

The rest of the exterior is complemented by C-West CFRP side skirts and rear half spoiler, along with a host of small tidbits like Tom’s tail lights and TRD carbon winglets.

 photo brz1small.jpg

And one more full body shot to wrap up this gorgeous mildly tuned BRZ.

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