MoMo Hits Up Powerhouse Amuse [Part II]

Continuing from my last post, let's take a closer look at the Powerhouse Amuse squad of cars that was littered throughout their lot. After, we'll move inside the shop and check out some titanium goodness. Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot! Squad goals much? This was actually a customer's car that was rocking all sorts of bling, including... Continue Reading →

Mild & Classy: Ross Abrina’s Street-Spec BRZ

Can't believe I've had this website up and running for over six years now and I gotta admit, I've gotten a bit lazy with updates and stuff. But every now and then I still find the motivation to update the site with some new posts. One of the things that motivates me to continue to... Continue Reading →

The OverBunny GTR

During my walk-around yesterday at the Wekfest Toy Drive, there were a handful of cars that really intrigued me and caught my attention. And because of this, I decided to take some time to really capture the full effect of the cars and dedicate individual posts on them. So, to start things off, I'm gonna... Continue Reading →

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