AWD Bruiser

Finally getting a chance to put these shots up on the blog after over a month of sitting in the hard drive. This set is relatively short compared to others as the sun began to set during this shoot but the owner, Gabe, was very enthusiastic about this shoot so I had him re-position the car as quickly as possible to maximize the angles of shots. With that said, enjoy these few after the break.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

I love the refinement and aggressiveness of this STi, and of course, the use of authentic pieces is a definite plus.

 photo gabe2.jpg

 photo gabe5.jpg

I love the aerodynamic pieces that compliments the lines of the STi, especially the Voltex rear diffuser and spoiler combo.

 photo gabe4.jpg

 photo stiedit1.jpg

The back end is definitely my favorite aspect of this car.

 photo gabe3.jpg

Work Kiwami wrapped with Bridgestone Potenzas makes for some nice upgraded footwork.

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