RWB Army Girl

Personally, I love RWB Porsches and it’s great to see its popularity has reached far and beyond Japan. I know many people disagrees with me and hates these RWB kits but I simply love them. And here’s a fine example from the country that started it all.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 25703650873_329134b661_k.jpg

White is definitely my favorite color.

 photo 25701545654_16052f5707_k.jpg

 photo 25703655993_d89a09cb13_k.jpg

Stretching 335 tires on Work M1s is serious business.

 photo 26280452716_45443bc3fc_k.jpg

These hips definitely don’t lie.

 photo 26240147141_a916074969_k.jpg

Flat Black on white looking amazing.

 photo 26280461316_fd00b5f859_k.jpg

Best angle by far.

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