Global Domination

If you guys haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been reposting some of Global Auto Osaka’s vehicle stock on this site because they have some of the best modified Japanese sports cars for sale. Over the years I’ve seen some amazing cars go through this dealer and this gorgeous Supra is one of the latest.

Photos via Global Auto

First thing I noticed on this Supra is the beautiful, smooth and aggressive Ridox kit (one of my favorites for the MKIVs).

I absolutely love the rivets on the rear fenders, definitely gives the car a more aggressive character.

Accompanying the Ridox pieces is a JUN Auto carbon hood as well as a SARD GT wing out back.

Rounding out the exterior is a set of 19 inch Volk Racing TE37SLs and those infamous blue Endless BBKs.

Interior wise there’s a pair of Bride reclining buckets (Stradia II driver side, and XAX II passenger side, respectively).

But the highlight of this car is definitely in the engine bay. We’re talking 750HPs courtesy of a stroked 3.1L HKS internals 2JZ mated to a gigantic T04Z turbine, and all spec’d out to the liking of tuning shop Esprit.

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