New Kid On The Block: Brandon Wu’s YMB M4

Another weekend, another shoot. This past weekend I was able to meet up with Brandon through a friend of mine and got some shots off of his gorgeous Yas Marina Blue F82 M4. YMB just so happens to be one of my favorite car colors at the moment, so I was pretty excited to shoot this car because I wanted an opportunity to capture that YMB color on camera. And the fact that this car is pretty tastefully modded just added to the impulse for this shoot.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

One of the first thing I noticed on this car is the sleek M Performance carbon accents it’s rocking on the front bumper as well as the side skirts. They definitely complement the M4’s factory body lines very nicely.

 photo m4edit6.jpg

 photo m4edit1.jpg

 photo m4edit5.jpg

 photo m4edit9.jpg

Moving on to the footwork is a set of beautiful Volk Racing Diamond Dark Gunmetal ZE40s.

 photo m4edit8.jpg

 photo m4edit7.jpg

 photo m4edit4.jpg

 photo m4edit2.jpg

Even though the mod list on this car is pretty limited, but I always say that most of the time less is more and this M4 certainly turns heads with what it has.

 photo m4edit11.jpg

 photo m4edit10.jpg

The back end enhancements include a Vorsteiner spoiler as well as an Exotics Tuning carbon diffuser.

 photo m4edit12.jpg


 photo m4edit3.jpg

One more full body shot cause this thing is too sexy!

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