Minimal Perfection

I honestly don’t remember how many times I’ve posted this car on the blog, but when something is this perfect, you can’t help it but keep posting about it. The thing that really drew me to this RX7 has always been its simplicity and the perfect utilization of minimal modifications to achieve a look that rivals wide bodies and extensively modified cars.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p8 2_zpswr7kkv2a.jpg

 photo p2_zpsq5dz50b3.jpg

The Eurou front end is probably my favorite aspect of the car.

 photo p4 1_zpsmigjipmw.jpg

 photo p1 6_zpsxxjlxz9r.jpg

 photo p6 1_zpshzakbjzy.jpg

 photo p2 2_zpsjt49spfh.jpg

This RX7 was rocking Work Kiwamis before switching over to these SSR Professor MS1.

 photo p8 1_zpszrpbbn6p.jpg

 photo p5_zpsbnk5c5xj.jpg

18×10 +11 and 18×12 +11 front and rears, respectively.

 photo p4_zpsyxkr2had.jpg

 photo p6_zpsdcg7ms7n.jpg

The back side is not too shabby as well.

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