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Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 1]

Ahhhhh, finally a new post on the site after a month long hiatus… I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing landscape photography and haven’t attended any automotive events in awhile which resulted in the lack of updates on the site. So… since Spocom SF was local to me, I decided to head out to Alameda to get some coverage of the event. Normally, I would try to do some pretty extensive coverage on shows but I’ve decided to just do “Top Picks” posts from now on instead of full on event coverages. This helps keep posts short and sweet rather than quantity focused. Hope you guys like this new approach to my posts because I’d like to continue to focus on quality rather than quantity. With that said, let’s check out some photos!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

As I was walking toward the venue, I spotted this beautiful Supra and got to chit chat with the owner for a bit.

I believe this Voltex Evo took best of show, which was well deserved in my opinion. I love the resemblance to the time attack Cyber Evo.

Another favorite of mine is this Overtake full carbon GTR.

Very clean Lexus IS300 on Work Emotion XD9; Clean builds are always welcome on this site.

I gotta say I’m not a fan of V8 RX7s but these two are pretty clean, and that turbo’d Rocket Bunny one is just straight crazy.

This J’s Racing S2000 was pretty dirty but it did have some nice authentic parts on the car. I was surprised that J’s Racing actually had a full booth at the show.

Generation gap, but both of these Civics are equally clean.

240/180s should look something like this, they don’t need to have mismatched body panels and replica wheels.

It feels like this Cayman GT4 is at every event, but that’s okay cause it’s very pleasing to the eyes.

So, this about wraps up part 1 of my top picks at Spocom SF, second part will probably be up sometime tomorrow. See you guys then!


MoMo Swings By Car Shop Glow [Part I: A Peek Inside]

The time has finally come, my Japan adventure posts are finally coming to an end with my last shop visit at Car Shop Glow. I chose to visit Car Shop Glow because they’ve been gaining massive popularity with their LED tail light conversions, so I know a lot of readers can relate to this brand. Also, their shop is relatively easy to access in Tokyo, and I wanted a closer look at some of their glorious cars, mainly their famous brown FDs.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

CSG is actually on a busy main street so it’s quite accessible and easy to find.

First thing I saw when I entered the shop was their “main” time attack FD that was going to undergo some significant changes. One of their employee, Matt, gave me a rundown on their plans for this FD.

Here’s a closer look at the aggressive RE-Amemiya front with custom splitters and canards for maximum downforce.

Here is Matt working on a light assembly. It was definitely a breath of fresh air meeting an English speaker at a shop because I was able to ask questions and give my comments on the shop. Matt also shoots for Narita Dog Fight, you might have heard of them…

Of course, with every shop there’s a rest area with couches and magazines for your viewing pleasure.

Parts were scattered everywhere, both on the ground and on shelves and the shop was slightly messy, but I thought that gave it its unique character. Matt was also kind enough to clean some stuff off the FD shell, so I could get some shots of it which I really appreciated.

Overall, this was a really laid back visit and I was really happy that I got to chat with someone at the shop. Stay tuned for “Part II” when I head out to a secret location.

Tsukuba Parking Area

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to hit up the famous Daikoku Futo PA on my recent trip to Japan, so these few Tsukuba hard parker photos will have to do. There were actually a lot more notable cars in the parking area, but I was too anxious to head towards the paddock area so I just skipped past them.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!