For Love of Scaled Models #4: BN Sports NSX

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but seeing that it’s #modelcarmondays, it’s only fitting that I throw up a beautiful model car up here.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 20175611549_9f4782ff29_b_zpss3v998wa.jpg

Using a Tamiya base model, the BN Sports kit with Gramlights 57Xtreme wheels makes this model look like the real deal!

 photo 20353760352_332f8bf948_b_zpsuqxeja2o.jpg

 photo 20353760102_6cb1283cc1_b_zpsatd84rqn.jpg

 photo 20362261155_eccd2dacdc_b_zpsync9zw9c.jpg

 photo 20368377291_234a4ca2c4_b_zpsbhrbu2kp.jpg

I love the contrasting studio sessions the builder took to really show off the details of the model.

 photo 19741340763_179a45d3d4_b_zpsgkvpqjlq.jpg

 photo 20368377001_f880d48679_b_zpsko7xjich.jpg

Them working flip lights though!

 photo 19739584374_ffabf184df_b_zps8mshmgyq.jpg

 photo 20174202770_d78bb0e923_b_zpsww75ixrk.jpg

 photo 20368377501_199ecd5be3_b_zpsykxvmgoo.jpg

 photo 20336003436_199ecd5be3_b_zpsyd0lucrd.jpg

Up skirt.

 photo 19741340333_23265e0c95_b_zps5q51kgpf.jpg

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