Killer Lexus: The Forzato IS350

I’ve seen some pretty special IS250 and IS350 before but this Forzato kitted beauty definitely ranks up there as one of the best. My favorite aspect of this car is of course, those aggressive over fenders along with perfectly fitted Work Zeast ST1s. Normally I’m not a huge fan of exposed carbon (excluding exotics), but I think it works really well here and gives this IS350 a real one-of-a-kind look.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 19012133655_6bd92004ad_k_zpscq4ffjmh.jpg

Lovin’ the carbon bulges…

 photo 19015186251_515cfd0ab4_k_zpstjedoia0.jpg

Fitment is beyond perfection.

 photo 18985885496_e773cc1b6b_k_zpsxp1kjrd8.jpg

 photo 18985878426_888f3d110d_k_zpsvvnm5rue.jpg

Gigantic Forzato BBKs looks amazing behind gold Work Zeast ST1 wheels.

 photo 18985876996_c71120e486_k_zpscignur5c.jpg

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