Fit For A King

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far fetched as king, but this Canadian Honda Fit is pretty bad ass and is fit for any car enthusiast alike. Owned by photographer, Galen Wan of Gawa Photos, this thing has got parts that you’d think would belong on race cars and there were no shortcuts (or cheapcuts) taken with the mods.

Photos by Gawa Photo via FLICKR

 photo 18711651384_1112c60bef_h_zps8f0u8wlp.jpg

This thing has got some pretty legitimate parts for any car’s standards, so to see them on a Fit is definitely a breath of fresh air.

 photo 18713561813_790c5bd52e_h_zpsjv1aozwz.jpg

 photo 19338136371_5f33c15887_h_zpslglcvgpp.jpg

 photo 19148027479_241a1341ba_h_zpsmvyh7jby.jpg

 photo 19146568408_6a437b5ff4_h_zps93akewlh.jpg

This Fit has got it all, boost from a T1R turbo kit, J’a Racing exterior pieces with a gorgeous paint job, Advan RCII mated to Endless BBKs and a host of other authentic goodies that’ll make any car guy jealous.

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