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Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 2]

I’ve been attending local car shows (Bay Area) for close to a decade now and I think it’s finally time to call it quits as it’s becoming more repetitive than inspirational. Sure, there are still some great builds popping up from time to time but these are becoming few and far between. This notion that good builds are few and far between was evident at Spocom this past weekend where it actually felt more like a meet than a show. Of course, I can’t blame the hosts as they’re more focused on the business aspect of things but for a spectator like me, the show left me with much more to be desired.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I’ve made a point before that I’m not a huge fan of wide bodies and rivets but for certain cars it works pretty well. A Rocket Bunny CLK is a good example.

RCF on TE37SLs looks tidy.

I love this E46 M3 on BBS E88 along with some Varis bits.

The C5 Z06 is actually one of my favorite American cars. Looks even better on CCW Classics.

A couple of Japanese classics.

Clean examples of 300ZXs are so rare these days so it was refreshing to see a few good ones out there. This particular one was on some rare magnesium Nismo LMGTs.

This STi is a staple at every Bay Area show.

Finishing this post off with two of my favorites at the show. An Advance NSX and a J’s Racing Type-S S2000… both coincidentally on black CE28Ns.

So that’s about all that really caught my eyes at the show, I know there’s probably a few more cars that I’ve missed but I think I’ve got the majority of nice builds covered. Until next time…


Altezza Racer

Ever since the second and third generation IS were introduced, the aging IS300/Altezza has slowly faded into history. However, this doesn’t mean it’s become completely irrelevant in the import scene, not when this JDM RS200 is still around and kicking. This Altezza is probably one of, if not the sickest privately owned example in the world and it’s gone through several changes with this latest variation being arguably the best.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 9d4bbc6028_zpscrbomvhh.jpg

Ultra rare Varis front end along with a custom splitter is probably one of the best I’ve seen for the car.

 photo 33df43512d_zpsv78qbbw9.jpg

 photo e18c773145_zpsy6scf5eq.jpg

 photo 154b9741a0_zpsgkn8aqz9.jpg

Widen fenders, side skirts, and 17×9 +22 Volk TE37 continues the race car theme of the car.

 photo 2efbe8fbc3_zpsifr2wmrz.jpg

 photo 766355a81d_zpsxa1x7d2b.jpg

Roll cage, Recaro buckets, and that CRAZY rear end completes the race car look.

Killer Lexus: The Forzato IS350

I’ve seen some pretty special IS250 and IS350 before but this Forzato kitted beauty definitely ranks up there as one of the best. My favorite aspect of this car is of course, those aggressive over fenders along with perfectly fitted Work Zeast ST1s. Normally I’m not a huge fan of exposed carbon (excluding exotics), but I think it works really well here and gives this IS350 a real one-of-a-kind look.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 19012133655_6bd92004ad_k_zpscq4ffjmh.jpg

Lovin’ the carbon bulges…

 photo 19015186251_515cfd0ab4_k_zpstjedoia0.jpg

Fitment is beyond perfection.

 photo 18985885496_e773cc1b6b_k_zpsxp1kjrd8.jpg

 photo 18985878426_888f3d110d_k_zpsvvnm5rue.jpg

Gigantic Forzato BBKs looks amazing behind gold Work Zeast ST1 wheels.

 photo 18985876996_c71120e486_k_zpscignur5c.jpg