Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 2]

I've been attending local car shows (Bay Area) for close to a decade now and I think it's finally time to call it quits as it's becoming more repetitive than inspirational. Sure, there are still some great builds popping up from time to time but these are becoming few and far between. This notion that... Continue Reading →


Altezza Racer

Ever since the second and third generation IS were introduced, the aging IS300/Altezza has slowly faded into history. However, this doesn't mean it's become completely irrelevant in the import scene, not when this JDM RS200 is still around and kicking. This Altezza is probably one of, if not the sickest privately owned example in the... Continue Reading →

Killer Lexus: The Forzato IS350

I've seen some pretty special IS250 and IS350 before but this Forzato kitted beauty definitely ranks up there as one of the best. My favorite aspect of this car is of course, those aggressive over fenders along with perfectly fitted Work Zeast ST1s. Normally I'm not a huge fan of exposed carbon (excluding exotics), but... Continue Reading →

LS460, Stanced and Bagged

This Lexus LS460 was one of the first car that caught my attention last weekend. I love how this VIP car closely resembles those back in Japan with its mixture of Futura Design and K Break aero pieces. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

Fitment Strong

It's 2014, and the name of the game is definitely fitment and stance; whether you like it or not, a perfectly "fitted" car can garter attention like none other. With that said, this sexy SC430 from the StanceNation Japan show most certainly have the fitment game down! I mean, I've seem plenty of beautifully executed... Continue Reading →

Aired Out Lexi

I've seen a lot of clean IS250/350s but this by far is one of the cleanest I've seen lately. The air suspension, Work Kiwamis, and glistening maple paint job works so perfectly with each other, I'd wouldn't change a thing... Photos via MINKARA

Stance Well Done

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of massive camber on cars, but Lexus' are one of the few exceptions, and this IS350 rocks that massive camber quite nicely. Rocking a custom Aimgain kit along with a set of aggressive Work Meister M1 wheels that fits so snugly on those perfectly rolled and pulled fenders, I... Continue Reading →

Generations of VIPs

When it comes to VIP cars, the Japanese have got that shit on lock ever since the inception of this genre of tuning. And these four fine examples are the epitome of the best. Photos via MINKARA

Bad IS-F

When I say "bad", I mean BADASS. This Lexus IS-F from the land of the rising sun is probably one of the cleanest and well-modded street driven example that I've seen. The perfect stance and those well-fitted Advan RZ-DFs over Brembo BBKs really sets the standard for what this car is all about. Form &... Continue Reading →

A Night Out

Beautiful Lexus IS taking a stroll out in Osaka. I absolutely love the stance on this car, it's not over the top like many others, and it's nice to see something different in the Work XSA 04C. Photos via MINKARA

Raced Out Altezza

When you hear people talk about IS300s or Altezzas, you'd most likely think of some sort of VIP'd out modifications, and rarely tracked out versions. So, when I saw this tracked out specimen online, I knew I had to share! Photos via MINKARA

The Mysterious One

I absolutely LOVE this photo set! The way the shots were taken and the editing really gave these photos a mysterious feel to them. Also, the impressive stance on this Lexus IS really gives the photos that extra kick! Photos via MINKARA Just in case you were wondering what wheels this beauty is rocking.....

Triple Team

Saw this wonderful set of photos online today and thought I'd share them here. These 3 IS' looks absolutely stunning, and the quality of the photos are definitely top-notch! Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR


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