Black Scaled: Sardonyx3 NSX

Yup, another post on this Marga Hills NSX…..I probably have close to 5 posts on this NSX, but like they say, you can’t have too much of a good thing.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 16052581619_ab7ebcdd47_b_zps51a97cf8.jpg

 photo 16052572129_a0202e4fb4_b_zps3f32cc6e.jpg

 photo 16238700205_378700e980_b_zps3de4d07c.jpg

 photo 16212801516_0a51d644cd_b_zps8cb79259.jpg

 photo 16051158628_4fd8f8b340_b_zps84997383.jpg

 photo 15616280284_2502c6c70d_b_zps8c61bb37.jpg

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