My Type of Sexy: Sardonyx3’s Marga Hills NSX

I forgot how many times I've posted photos of this car up, but here's some fresh ones I saw this past weekend. This is one of those cars that I'd never get tired of... Photos via FLICKR

Night Cap : The Infamous Marga Hills NSX

Finally got a chance to sit down and do a blog post. I guess I'll start the new years with some new pictures of a familiar oldie. It looks like the owner of this beauty decided to change the rear up a bit with a new, higher mounted wing... Me likey! Photos via Flickr

Blue NSX: That JDM Game Changer

I think I can speak for all car builders and enthusiasts that when building a car, you always have some sort of inspiration to help guide you on your builds. These inspirational cars are usually something amazing and needless to say, jaw dropping. One of my favorite inspirational builds have got to be this Advance/Marga... Continue Reading →

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