Motors of TAS 2015

Being a guy that constantly love browsing the web for all things automotive, I’m always in search for interesting photos and articles that I can share on the blog with you guys. So, tonight, I stumbled upon some nice photos of a few super clean engine bays at the Tokyo Auto Salon. And like always, sharing is caring!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 0c0eaea610_zpsa6fdf736.jpg

Pit Road M’s BRZs.

 photo 47ac6837a2_zps439ff908.jpg

Garrett/HKS GT2871 equipped.

 photo 93d889e098_zpsd71780f1.jpg


 photo 3769fe8949_zpsc01a53b4.jpg


 photo 7b1ea94b3d_zpsed4d19df.jpg

That unmistakable Top Secret Gold.

 photo 1911c8fdf4_zps6ed5ff6c.jpg


 photo f500f7bd53_zpsec73ae27.jpg

Phoenix’s Power VQ.

 photo 3fe0cbd676_zps5a01670d.jpg


 photo 9f761d8caf_zps5a38401d.jpg

 photo dd98f92d18_zps17ef69c6.jpg

 photo a16dd0228a_zpsfa3c5e63.jpg


 photo d4e30ae806_zps7e6cd52b.jpg

 photo 19dd31d860_zpsfb43afe4.jpg

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