Simple and Effective: R34 x Enkei NT03

I’ve been exploring the Yahoo Auctions the past few months and I’ve seen some pretty dope cars up for grabs to say the least. This beautiful R34 is one of the latest.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo wht1_zps525d14b8.jpg

 photo wht6_zpsb08a6710.jpg

Love the Enkei NT03s on this! So clean and subtle.

 photo wht2_zpsc607bbfe.jpg

 photo wht3_zps805e3ffb.jpg

 photo wht5_zpsb06968ca.jpg

 photo wht4_zpsac262d4d.jpg

 photo wht7_zps4ce1a924.jpg

 photo wht8_zps30ebc2c3.jpg

 photo wht10_zps0dd71178.jpg

 photo wht9_zps6644558e.jpg

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