Wekfest III Coverage

It was that time of the year again…..the most highly anticipated car show of the year has just wrapped up in San Francisco, CA, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. In previous years, this show was held in the Japantown garage, which provided very limited spacing for the vehicles and attendees, therefore, this year’s event was moved to the spacious Fort Mason complex. The line and wait time was still unbearable but the venue has definitely improved and was well worth the wait.

But enough of my blabbering, here’s my limited coverage of the event due to the inability to snap photos amongst a huge crowd of people…..you will understand how crowded it was after seeing the pics.

You can see the full set @ FLICKR.COM

Photos by Momohitsthespot.com

Again, you can check out the full set @ FLICKR.COM

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