NorCal S2000 Mega Meet [Part 2]

Alright, finally got done with the rest of the photos, so here they are! The GPWs were out in full force for the meet, so I apologize for the outstanding number of GPW photos compare to others. Hope you guys enjoy! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

NorCal S2000 Mega Meet [Part 1]

The Norcal S2k owners just held their annual 'Mega Meet' this past Sunday on the beautiful, man-made, Treasure Island. And as a S2k owner myself, this was definitely a meet I did not want to miss. With over 110 S2000s in attendance, this was probably one of the largest gathering of S2000s in Northern California... Continue Reading →

CE28 Lovers

Volk Racing/Rays Engineering has been the pinnacle of wheel manufacturing since its introduction back in 1973. And since then, they have continued to establish themselves as the go-to manufacturer for many race teams and tuners all over the world. It is because of their illustrious history and top-of-the-line wheel construction that makes them not only... Continue Reading →

Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part I]

Here is the first part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!'s coverage of the April 3rd Japan Relief Gathering held in San Francisco. It was a great day of beautiful cars, weather, and a perfect view of the San Francisco Bay. But most was a day where Bay Area enthusiasts gathered for a great cause, I tip my... Continue Reading →

Wekfest III Coverage

It was that time of the year again.....the most highly anticipated car show of the year has just wrapped up in San Francisco, CA, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. In previous years, this show was held in the Japantown garage, which provided very limited spacing for the vehicles and attendees, therefore,... Continue Reading →

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