MoMo Hits Tsukuba Circuit!!! [ TC2000 2017 Part I ]

Tsukuba Circuit, the proving grounds for all things time attack. It’s always been a dream of mine to head out there to catch one of these illustrious events and I finally had my chance this past week. I’ve asked a few of my friends if they wanted to tag along but it was really last minute and no one could get the time off, so I decided to make the trek to the Land of the Rising Sun solo. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the day came to head out to Tsukuba, but I knew I needed WIFI so I had pre-ordered a pocket WIFI which I was able to pick up from the airport when I landed; and boy was that the best idea ever!

With my IPhone and pocket WIFI in hand, I was ready to head out to the sacred grounds. Keep in mind, I made the trip out strictly on public transportation, so Tsukuba Circuit is actually pretty accessible to anyone as long as you take the time to transfer trains and follow station maps and signs. Personally, I did make a few blunders on my way there but after a couple of hours of train rides and a taxi cab ride later, I’ve reached my destination. You really can’t see the track from anywhere until you’ve reached the actual location but I literally can hear the exhaust notes and the smell of race gas a couple of miles away; I knew I was close. I could barely contain myself and my excitement but I’ll tell you guys more about that the next time around…..

Until then, some photos to open up my next series of posts after the break. Stay tuned!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!



Garage Works’ EKs were the first to greet me as I was walking up the paddock area.





Lots of usual suspects were there like the Unlimited Work Evo.


A unicorn of a Time Attack FF machine in this Prelude. Peep the STi scoop!


Of course the Autobahn Soarer is present with its carbon fiber self.





The Garage Mak S15 looking poise for attack! Don’t mistaken it for the Friends’ Racing S15 though…






Several shots in the pit lane area including the Car Shop Dream FD.


And one last shot on the straight-away to conclude this post.

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