MoMo Hits Tsukuba Circuit!!! [ TC2000 2017 Part III ]

Welp, here we are, the end of the line on my Tsukuba coverage, well maybe not quite but this is the end of it for the most part. I really wish my memory card didn’t malfunction cause there was so much more that I wanted to show you guys. Regardless, I’m pretty content with what I have and I do have some more images on my phone that are not posted here, (See INSTAGRAM) so not all is lost! I’m also really surprised by the amount of interest that people have on this coverage which is amazing because I’ve been wanting to transition this brand to focus more on Japanese tuning and motorsports. So, I’m really glad that you guys are on the same page with me as far as taking this site to the direction that I wanted to go. With that, let’s continue!

So I had made my way around the paddock area after taking in all the goodness that was parked before my eyes, and I noticed that the paddock actually extends back to a back field area. Being the curious self that I am I decided to investigate; and I was so glad that I did because there were a couple of GEMS that were parked in the back away from the rest of the crowd. You’ll know what I’m talking about after the break…..

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Before we head to the back lot, here’s a few more heavy hitters for the day.

The Aslan EG looks so menacing for such a small car.

Does this even need introduction?

Garage Saurus power plant.

The GCG Evo pitted at the end of the front paddock.

Now, off to the back area…

Here’s only one of less than a handful of R35s present that day.

The Material Auto Factory Supra was one of my favorites of the day.

And then it’s Mazdas and S15s from here till the end…

Not my favorite but still a lot better than the stuff you see Stateside.

Rotaries were in abundance this day.

Silvias were also well represented like this gorgeous number here, and also the Yashio Factory matte black machine below.

And finally, more 7s including the Car Shop Glow crew.

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