MoMo Hits Tsukuba Circuit!!! [ TC2000 2017 Part II ]

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by to check out my Tsukuba Attack coverage! Much appreciated! But I do have to start off this post with a little unfortunate matter and that is my memory card took a fat shit the day of the event and I lost a few hundred images. These were photos from later on in the day too so they were actually better than the ones that were salvageable, but gotta live and learn to carry several extra memory cards for cases like these. So, I’m slightly disappointed but just gotta work with what I have now. With that said, I will carry on from where I left off on my last post…

On my previous post I mentioned that I took public transportation all the way to Tsukuba Circuit, which proved to be relatively convenient but I had miscalculated my ETA (just a bit)… Because of this miscalculation, I got into Tsukuba Circuit about noon-ish which was extremely late since the event started at 9am and I’m sure I missed some important morning runs but I guess better get there late than never! As I walked through the paddock area, I started to notice a few heavy hitters were missing such as the Top Fuel S2k, the Scorch Racing S15, the brand new HKS FT86 time attack machine, and several others, so I was a little bummed out about that. Regardless, there were still some notable time attack machines present, so I wasn’t discouraged for long. Some of the cars that I had my eyes on were the Garage G-Force Evo, the Escort Evo, Kyushu Danji R34, Friend’s Racing s15, Garage Mak S15, Car Shop Dream FD among others. And at the end of the day, the fastest time of 52.6xx was claimed by non other than the Garage G-Force Evo IX with Nob Taniguchi behind the wheel. Second and third place were claimed by the Escort and Autobahn teams with a 53.7xx in the Evo and a 54.4xx in the carbon Soarer, respectively. Pretty respectable times if you ask me!

And with that note, I’m gonna end the write up for now, catch more on this event on the next post! But before then, more photos after the break!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

RX7s were in abundance during TC2000 like this Top Fuel Racing number.

The HKS T51R powered New Type Racing FD looking poised as always.

The BeeR R32.

M’s Machine Cayman among several other Porsches present.

The always clean Arvou S2000.

Two perfect time attack platforms.

Ready Go Next FDs were making their presence felt. (RE Amemiya Super Greddy 3 kitted in white, and Total Car Produce kitted in blue)

Varis Z34 next to the Bridgestone/Potenza booth.

A classic look on a FD.

I was disappointed that the Seyamax ADMIX R32 ran into engine problems and did not participate that day.

And finally, one of my favorite N/A cars of the day looking fierce with that popular Voltex Type 11 and the gigantic splitter up front.

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