Well Fed

As you probably all know by now, Global Auto in Osaka is among the most well known modified car dealer in Japan and for good reason. The Global Auto inventory is always top-notch especially their selections of Nissan GTRs. Aside from GTRs though, there’s always other makes and models readily available such as this gorgeous FEED FD.

Photos via Global Auto

The exterior of this RX7 is literally the full FEED catalog highlighted by the Afflux front bumper.

FEED carbon spoiler greatly accentuates the rear of the car.

Overhauled Mazda calipers, Auto Exe brake disks, and 18×11 +15 Advan GTs round out the footwork.

Under the hood, the 13B is powered by a HKS T04S turbo producing about 430HPs, perfect for both street and track duties.

Interior is kept very simple with a Nardi steering wheel and Recaro seats among other minor accessories.

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