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For Love of Scaled Models #6: RE Amemiya FD3S

It’s been almost a whole year since I had one of these posts but it’s about time to get the ball rolling again… And what better than a 1/24 scale RE Amemiya themed RX7 on Advan RG2s!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo mazda3.jpg

 photo mazda1.jpg

 photo mazda2.jpg

 photo mazda5.jpg

 photo mazda4.jpg

 photo mazda6.jpg


RX7 As Clean As They Come

Here’s another sexy offering from Global Auto in Japan; a 360HP RE-Amemiya GT-AD/URAS wide body FD3S. The body of this RX7 is absolutely stunning and I love the mixture of parts, both inside and out.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0002_2.jpg

 photo pic0000_2.jpg

The combo of URAS GT front and RE-Amemiya wide body looks simply amazing!

 photo pic0006_2.jpg

 photo pic0007_1.jpg

TE37SLs completes almost any car in the most classiest way.

 photo pic0005_1.jpg

 photo pic0003_2.jpg

 photo pic0004_1.jpg

RE-Amemiya rear diffuser and Voltex GT wing completes the back end quite nicely.

 photo pic0008_2.jpg

Engine wise, there’s a lot of supporting mods to help push those stock twins to 360HPs.

 photo pic0009_1.jpg

 photo pic0010_1.jpg

Interior is equally well modded with Recaro driver side bucket, Auto Craft carbon tachometer, and a gorgeous buck skin steering wheel.

Black and White Amemiya

Global Auto of Osaka, Japan is one of those dealers that always delivers some of the finest tuned cars on the planet. They specialize mostly in GTRs of all ages but they do offer a host of other makes and models as well. Boy do I wish we had auto dealers like this in the States but with all our regulations and what nots, this can only be a dream to us. Anyways, one of their latest offerings is this mint RE-Amemiya FD on Enkei RPF1s!

Photos via Global Auto

 photo r1_1.jpg

Love the gorgeous RE GT-AD kit on this RX7.

 photo r2_1.jpg

 photo r3_1.jpg

The RPF1s match pretty damn well with this car.

 photo r6_1.jpg

 photo r5_1.jpg

 photo r4_1.jpg

The famous Car Shop Glow tails adorn the rear end.

 photo r7_1.jpg

Under the hood; rebuilt stock twins with upgrades from SARD and TRUST.

 photo r8_1.jpg

 photo r9.jpg

Interior wise, lots of CARROZZERIA entertainment bits as well as Sparco steering and Recaro SR3 recliners.