RX7 As Clean As They Come

Here’s another sexy offering from Global Auto in Japan; a 360HP RE-Amemiya GT-AD/URAS wide body FD3S. The body of this RX7 is absolutely stunning and I love the mixture of parts, both inside and out.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0002_2.jpg

 photo pic0000_2.jpg

The combo of URAS GT front and RE-Amemiya wide body looks simply amazing!

 photo pic0006_2.jpg

 photo pic0007_1.jpg

TE37SLs completes almost any car in the most classiest way.

 photo pic0005_1.jpg

 photo pic0003_2.jpg

 photo pic0004_1.jpg

RE-Amemiya rear diffuser and Voltex GT wing completes the back end quite nicely.

 photo pic0008_2.jpg

Engine wise, there’s a lot of supporting mods to help push those stock twins to 360HPs.

 photo pic0009_1.jpg

 photo pic0010_1.jpg

Interior is equally well modded with Recaro driver side bucket, Auto Craft carbon tachometer, and a gorgeous buck skin steering wheel.

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