No Piston Aggression

Mazda’s FD RX7 has always been one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time. Despite the maintenance and the reliability issues of the car, I absolutely love the free-revving 13B along with one of the smoothest body lines in automotive history. However, as much as I like the smooth lines, I prefer an FD that’s aggressive as fuck! Que, this bad ass beast from Japan. I mean, if this is not aggressive, I don’t know what is! This bad boy is rocking some sleek Advan RS wheels, that unmistakable RE Amemiya aero with enough custom canards (Voltex, K-Design, Origin) on the front bumper to slice a leg in several pieces!

Photos via MINKARA

p2 (6)

p1 (2)

p1 (3)

p2 (3)

p2 (4)

p2 (7)

p1 (4)

p5 (1)

p2 (5)

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