Final Form FD

If I had to choose the best FD in North America, I’d say this Mayday Garage RX7 is probably on top of that list. I mean, talk about no short cuts taken, owner David Do did a tremendous job on visualizing and executing a spectacular build that has so much Japanese influences but yet made it his own. The Pro Shop Fukuoh front end though, is probably my favorite aspect of the car; it’s one of those pieces that sets it apart from the rest.

Photos by David Do via FLICKR

 photo 17358462742_09383b29bb_k_zpsq8kmrdey.jpg

This FD looks literally like the shop cars of Japan, and I fucking love it!

 photo 17359754545_f948355e6b_k_zpsxjecmsou.jpg

That Fukuoh and RE-Amemiya mixture is absolute perfection…not to mention the Volk TE37SLs x Project Mu combo as well…and every other part on this car.

 photo 17173547719_088c5e1d1d_k_zps8t6uuxa3.jpg

One of the things I love most about this FD is that from every angle, whether it’s front, side, back, engine, or interior, it’s got tasteful modifications throughout. And that’s exactly how you’re suppose to execute the perfect build.

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