[EVENT] Wekfest Seattle 2018 Top Picks Part 2

After going through all the photos from Wekfest Seattle, I realize I almost have a full on coverage instead of just my favorites from the show… this is definitely out of the norm but I guess I really enjoyed this show THAT much. One of the things that I loved most about the show was the actual physical and visual aspect of it such as the spacing of cars and the lighting of the venue. I remember during the San Jose event I was complaining to my friends about how crammed the event was but I guess they wanted to fit as many cars as they can since it was their 10th anniversary event. Anyways, the Seattle event was nicely spaced out which was perfect for photographers and I suppose that was a reason why I captured a lot more photos this time around. Another thing that I really liked about this particular event was, of course, the quality of builds as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. Usually at shows you’d see owners “doing too much” to their cars that actually ruin the aesthetics of the build in my opinion. To me, things like carbon fiber hoods, fenders, doors, trunks etc. are too much and not necessary if you can’t source out or afford an authentic piece. Of course, people would disagree with me but I can guarantee you that the notions “less is more,” and “quality over quantity” holds very true especially if you want to seriously compete in a show like Wekfest. Thankfully, most of the PNW builders do follow the same views as I have as far as quality is concerned which in turn were able to create quite possibly the best stop on the Wekfest tour. (Although, being in close proximity to Canada did help bring the quality of the show up to a very high level cause those Canadians can build some gorgeous cars!)

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The Oregon-based August Cascade CRX was arguably the most talked about car of the show. Personally I loved the color choice of the car and the build as a whole was extremely well executed.

You don’t see a lot of well built 4-door Integras these days so seeing this K-swapped beauty was quite refreshing. (Note the J’s Racing hood… it ain’t some off brand carbon product)

Another one of many Integras at the show, this one also with a K-swap and rocking some gold OG Advan RGs.

NA2 and NA1 NSX on Advan RZ-DF and Volk CE28, respectively.

I’m always a sucker for some rebarrel Mugen MF10s.

I love this NA2 on Volk TE37SL for its simplicity.

This CRX had one of my favorite K-swap in the show due to its OEM feel.

The Level One crew from Canada had a strong lineup at the show. I’ll have more on a couple of these cars in future posts… stay tuned.

J’s Racing Type-S kit on this S2000, a kit that you don’t see too much these days.

The DODOLogic S15 on SSR Professor SP1 looked absolutely sensational… although a lot of it has to do with the fact that the S15 is one of the most beautiful car to ever come out of Japan.

Never thought I’d have a drag car on the site, but I can appreciate a nice “straight-line” car…

This is a perfect example of less is more…

The EP3 aka the forgotten Civic can still be very clean with the right parts…

One of my favorite DC5 in all of North America… I was going to do a separate post on this car but realize I didn’t take enough photos of it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to grab some more photos of it in the future…

The owner of the red DC5 also owns this “side project” EK… and another white Mugen DC5… CRAZY…

I believe this is an authentic DC5 Type R on WedsSport TC005 wheels.

Same company, two very different platforms.

An EJ with a K-swap… definitely not the most popular combo among Honda owners but this was a pristine example.

It’s crazy how many clean Hondas are out there in the PNW, this EK was definitely one of the best.

Another one of the many S2000s at the show… this one on bronze Volk CE28 wheels.

Ccccccccccccccombooo breaker!!! Yes, finally a non-Honda!

And………. we’re back. The Mickey Ds color theme wouldn’t be my first choice for a car but I appreciate the authenticity on this DC2.

Am I the only one who still haven’t warmed up to the FK8 yet? I still don’t find this car to be very attractive, even with aftermarket pieces and Volk TE37s…

Red Advan RS’ really pops on this NSX.

Another not-so-popular Honda in the show scene, but this one was nice and tidy.

This was probably the best DC2 at the show highlighted by the a rare CrowHouse front, Work RSZ-R wheels, and of course, a K-swap.

I’m beginning to notice that I’ve been saying “K-swap” a lot in this post… this one a turbocharged example.

Now this is a clean S2000 on some classic Mugen MF10s.

NA1 on some $$$ Mugen M7.

A Chevy SS on Volk TE37RT….. words that anyone seldom utters.

A Rocket Bunny GTR on TE37 Ultras… not my favorite kit for the car but this one was very clean.

Ken Gushi’s GT86… I believe this thing was competing in Formula D the day before.

This was arguably my favorite BMW in the show… if only BMW really made an E46 M3 Touring, but I guess this one was close enough.

A Suzuki Cappuccino… not the best looking thing in the world, but definitely had the “kawaii” factor.

A gorgeous pair of R34 GTRs on LMGT4s…

There was a Subaru in the San Jose show that looked eerily similar to this… see if you can spot the difference! -> WEKFEST SJ

Best Subaru in the show in my opinion… that track/time attack feel of this car is apparent, and I LOVE it!

Ferrari 355 on Work S1R. Normally, it’s TE everything, but I think the Work Wheels is a better choice here.

Pretty clean ER34 on TE37 SAGAs.

I think we can all agree that the 924/944 is not the best offering from Porsche, but this example certainly gives the car a more appealing look. The Advan TCII wheels matches with the car quite nicely as well.

I don’t remember how many RX7s there were at the show, but this one most certainly takes the crown. You don’t really see the URAS front that often and I think this one was executed perfectly with the Fujita Engineering pieces.

The only reason why this Varis GRB was not my favorite Subaru was because my lack of interest in the GRB model… other than my personal opinion, this car was very well built.

An IS300 SportCross… not a very common car among car shows to say the least, this one looks super clean on TE37 SAGAs.

S13 Vert with a RB26 swap on CCW Classics… I would probably have chosen a different wheel but I still liked how this car looked.

A couple of Varis Evo Xs, one on Advan GTs and the other Volk Racing TE37V Mark II.

BBS LM F1 matches perfectly on this R32 GTR.

For some reason I this almost stock looking Trueno caught my eyes as I was walking by… perhaps it was those ITBs under the hood that piqued my interest.

So there you have it! This was a pretty long post compared to my usual Wekfest posts, but like I said, there were a lot of good stuff at this show and I wanted to be as thorough as I can. Also, I want to apologize for the flood of Honda material for the non-Honda fans, but there were just too many good ones not to post. On that note, I hope you guys did enjoy the photos that I have but I still have a couple more posts focusing on a couple of the cars at the show, so be sure to check back in a bit!

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