Level ONE J-Swapped EG @ Wekfest Seattle

Lately I’ve been making it a habit to shoot a few more photos of cars that really caught my eyes at shows like Wekfest to (sort of) showcase them on the site. If you’ve been following the site or my social media, then you would know that I had high praises for my last Wekfest event which was Wekfest Seattle. There were several builds in the show that I really wanted to showcase but I ended up only capturing enough photos of two builds because I wanted to spend more time doing touristy things, so I needed to be in and out of the show as quickly as I could. Either way, first up is a build that I’ve seen plenty on social media and definitely one of the most unique Honda swaps out there…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Yup! It’s the Canadian EG with the massive J-swap. I’m not sure how many J-swapped Hondas are out there in Canada but this one is probably the most famous currently…

Not only is the swap massive on its own, the owner decided to slap on a Vortech supercharger as well… talk about over kill for a little gutted EG? I fucking love it though!

One more shot of the whole car from a higher angle…

I love the whole color combo of the car… the orange OG TE37 really ties in with the blue exterior.

The interior undoubtedly matches the exterior in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing sense. The Spoon pieces along with a roll cage as well as the aforementioned gutted interior really gives the car a track/time attack feel. Absolute perfection in my opinion.

A couple more shots of the exterior that’s highlighted by Chargespeed fenders, a J’s Racing rear spoiler, and a custom front bumper with a First Molding lip.

So this concludes the first short feature of Wekfest Seattle, but be sure to check back for the second feature that’s also from LEVEL ONE!

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