Attack Tsukuba 2018 [Event Coverage P.1]

When I started this site nearly eight years ago, I really didn’t have a sense of direction as far as what I really wanted to post. I posted music, I posted girls, and I posted cars… it was pretty much all over the place and became a mess. There were a few times where I just quit posting completely due to personal problems in life and kind of drifted away from any car related stuff in general. It also got tiring reposting other people’s shit and not really having any informative posts on here. So, last February I decided it was time to revitalize my love for cars and took a solo trip to Japan. It wasn’t my first time in Japan but my first time there alone. At first, I really didn’t know what to expect because regardless of how developed the country is, their lack of English speaking skills really boggles my mind. Thankfully, you really don’t have to converse with anyone since everything is pretty convenient in Japan, whether it’s getting around or ordering food. Speaking of food, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad food experience in Japan because everything taste so good there… Anyways, there was pretty much one goal I had in mind for the trip and that is to experience Tsukuba Circuit in the flesh; and what an experience it was. The smell, the sounds, the view, it was everything that I had imagine and it was an absolute thrill of an event. Fast forward to 2018 and a second visit to Tsukuba, I realized that I’ve found something I truly love in the automotive world, Time Attack.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The TS Factory 86 posted with the Garage Work boys made for a nice photo op.

Hover cars seems to be a normal thing at any time attack event, and this was no different. This 220HP “#26” Garage Work EK9 managed a best of 1’00.044… a bit off from its best of 58.690.

The Garage Work EK4, faster of the two with 275HP, lapped Tsukuba in 57.678; an incredibly solid time but again missed its personal best of 56.748.

A personal favorite of mine, the Yellow Factory/KEW EG with its mismatched wheels looked great with some new refinements since the last time I saw it.

In similar fashion as the Garage Work cars, the Yellow Factory EG could not muster a new personal best and ended the day with a 59.356.

Garage Work had there own EG6 present competing in the radial class but also came up short on a new personal best.

With all the Civics coming up short on new records and personal bests, some one had to step up eventually, and that some one was the Aslan EG. Setting the standard for FF at 56.546, and ended the day just behind the Admix GTR… let’s just let that sink in…

Garage Work really had a whole squad out during the day that included this DC5 that finished with a 1’00.391.

More hover cars…

My favorite FF at Attack Tsukuba was the OrangeBall DC5, hands down. The car’s so aesthetically pleasing with the C-West front bumper and splitter taking center stage, not to mention this thing is not too shabby around the track as well. It actually did so well that it set a new personal best at Tsukuba with a 58.226.

The privateer, Fumiaki Sato brought out his gorgeous S2000 for the event and set a new personal best of 1’02.376.

If you want to follow him on IG -> Tarmac Meister

A few more S2000s were out back including Kobayashi-san’s Arvou S2000.

Speaking of Arvou, the 2.4L “黄緑” S2000 was out trying to challenge the S2000 NA course record… of course we know who took home the record but this privateer held its own with a new personal best of 57.585, just half a second behind ASM.

As far as looks wise, I think this was my favorite S2000 of the day. Do you agree?

Another S2000 at the event was the Meishin/K1 Lab vehicle competing in the radial class that also set a new personal best of 1’01.506. The one-minute mark at Tsukuba is slowly becoming a thing of the past with many cars dipping close or far below that point.

A couple more shots to cap of this post…

Sooo… Did you guys notice that it was all Hondas in this post? Actually I did that on purpose to better categorize everything for future references but I’ve got a lot more to come!

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