Red Hot Chili Pepper

Here’s another gorgeous offering from Global Auto featuring a red hot Racing Factory Yamamoto S2000. Essentially, RFY exterior pieces are Sorcery made hence the resemblance.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000_zpshjfzpgy4.jpg

The Sorcery front is probably my favorite bumper for the S2000.

 photo pic0002_zpsd3jvtfd1.jpg

Black SSR Type Fs matches very nicely with this S2.

 photo pic0005_zpszm8mu4ti.jpg

Exterior has the full on Sorcery treatment including the side steps, rear diffuser, and GT spoiler.

 photo pic0004_zpsdj2iit7r.jpg

The back end looks incredibly aggressive with the Sorcery wing, diffuser and RFY V2 exhaust.

 photo pic0009_zpsxtziumxi.jpg

The only thing that’s not aggressive is probably the tamed interior.


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