Bringing Sexy Back: 2.8L R34

Here we have another beautiful offering from renowned GTR dealer Global Auto. This time, it’s a Sonic Silver R34 on bronze CE28; an absolute perfect combo!

Photos via Global Auto

 photo sil2_zpsvjkkdolb.jpg

 photo sil1_zpsbke7nvxh.jpg

 photo sil4_zpssacrkf01.jpg

Lovin’ the silver and bronze color combo.

 photo sil3_zps1eghpqfn.jpg

 photo sil5_zpsoagyvkts.jpg

Some legit footwork in Endless BBK and Volk CE28N.

 photo sil6_zpsydly85ya.jpg

Tomei 2.8L stroker and HKS T04Z single turbine equals 600+HP!

 photo sil7_zpsvsrneq6e.jpg

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