[Event Coverage] Spocom Norcal 2015 [Part 2]

Got a few more shots of Spocom Norcal up tonight. This particular post consists of mostly the Speed Element guys that’s been a staple in many Bay Area shows the past few years. So prepare for lots of STis and Evos… of course there’s a few other makes and models in between…

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo spo24_zpsmhq47vtt.jpg

Starting off the post with some bling! AP Racing x SSR SP3.

 photo spo25_zpsns8iphl9.jpg

Gorgeous M3.

 photo spo26_zpslfjfpjwr.jpg

The Speed Element R32 looking so fucking clean.

 photo spo27_zpsewuh1nf1.jpg

Part of the Speed Element lineup.

 photo spo2_zpsv9csxmio.jpg

 photo spo28_zps8p8mz1yn.jpg

 photo spo29_zpsrbllzslx.jpg

Lovely Subies.

 photo spo34_zpsfv6cwa5d.jpg

 photo spo31_zpstceriboa.jpg

 photo spo35_zpsihb0gyrr.jpg

 photo spo37_zpsena4bumo.jpg

 photo spo36_zpsac3jbog9.jpg

EVOs everywhere!!!

 photo spo33_zps6suqvb8g.jpg

That 458 on Advan GTs.

 photo spo32_zpsajghzzqy.jpg

Clean wide body 3 series on Work Meister S1.

 photo spo30_zpsezawclnq.jpg

Another 3 series, this one, a lot more aggressive!

 photo spo38_zpsao208dzy.jpg

Murdered out 370Z.

 photo spo41_zps8idm5mqk.jpg

 photo spo42_zpswlxynrcy.jpg

Loved these two Lexus’.

 photo spo39_zps62fk7pab.jpg

 photo spo1_zpsmjn6ul2l.jpg

A couple of the Limitless cars and possibly my favorite car at the show, the J’s Racing wide body S2000.

 photo spo40_zpsizvd0ovj.jpg

And finishing off this post with some monkey business!

Stay tuned for the rest of the shots going up on the next post!

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