[Event Coverage] Spocom Norcal 2015 [Part 1]

Finally getting through to the Spocom Norcal photos from last weekend, and it’s not much but it’s better than nothing. I actually wasn’t really motivated to take photos that day, because I honestly had higher expectations from Spocom, but the show didn’t really live up to the name. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair for me to compare the Norcal version with the Socal shows because Socal definitely packs a lot more heat. Besides the cars, however, the thing that really bothered me was the choice of venue because there were a lot of distractions throughout the show area. Distractions like trailers and regular parked cars were scattered among the show cars and display cars rather than having a designated area for them. To me, I think it showed the lack of organizational skills from the show organizers, and it’s an issue that definitely needs to be addressed for future events. But enough of my rambling for now, cause I just want to get some photos up….. I’ll probably have more to say on the next post though…

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo spo3_zpsbrufzlos.jpg

Love this super clean rotary power plant.

 photo spo4_zpshdctidcr.jpg

 photo spo5_zpsykm1haeg.jpg

Excess baggage.

 photo spo6_zpszlmro8xz.jpg

 photo spo7_zpsxzizmev3.jpg

Couple of clean four doors by the entrance.

 photo spo8_zpsabvltokc.jpg

Prestige Marketing M3.

 photo spo9_zpsjvnq1a5n.jpg

There were a few indoor halls that had a few cars on display, like this S2000.

 photo spo10_zpskxrf1kbs.jpg

 photo spo11_zpsuofaesxr.jpg

 photo spo20_zpswcfqr660.jpg

 photo spo13_zpshnyqgdk9.jpg

Super clean MKIII on display at the main hall.

 photo spo12_zpsskszubl5.jpg

 photo spo19_zps2kojws0q.jpg

The famous gold Continental Tire Evo.

 photo spo18_zpsycqdxel0.jpg

 photo spo16_zpsqo7kcak8.jpg

 photo spo15_zpsc2ypvtrr.jpg

Another couple of famous Evos from the Bay Area.

 photo spo14_zpslmvlzs4o.jpg

 photo spo17_zpscx4ofntn.jpg

Turbonetics powered F22C in a classic RX7.

 photo spo21_zpsscymhk63.jpg

 photo spo22_zpsdwchnjsl.jpg

 photo spo23_zpsp7xathry.jpg

And closing out this post with a few more cars from the indoor area.

Stay tuned for more! And I may have more topics to discuss in the next post.

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