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Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 2]

I’ve been attending local car shows (Bay Area) for close to a decade now and I think it’s finally time to call it quits as it’s becoming more repetitive than inspirational. Sure, there are still some great builds popping up from time to time but these are becoming few and far between. This notion that good builds are few and far between was evident at Spocom this past weekend where it actually felt more like a meet than a show. Of course, I can’t blame the hosts as they’re more focused on the business aspect of things but for a spectator like me, the show left me with much more to be desired.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I’ve made a point before that I’m not a huge fan of wide bodies and rivets but for certain cars it works pretty well. A Rocket Bunny CLK is a good example.

RCF on TE37SLs looks tidy.

I love this E46 M3 on BBS E88 along with some Varis bits.

The C5 Z06 is actually one of my favorite American cars. Looks even better on CCW Classics.

A couple of Japanese classics.

Clean examples of 300ZXs are so rare these days so it was refreshing to see a few good ones out there. This particular one was on some rare magnesium Nismo LMGTs.

This STi is a staple at every Bay Area show.

Finishing this post off with two of my favorites at the show. An Advance NSX and a J’s Racing Type-S S2000… both coincidentally on black CE28Ns.

So that’s about all that really caught my eyes at the show, I know there’s probably a few more cars that I’ve missed but I think I’ve got the majority of nice builds covered. Until next time…


Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 1]

Ahhhhh, finally a new post on the site after a month long hiatus… I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing landscape photography and haven’t attended any automotive events in awhile which resulted in the lack of updates on the site. So… since Spocom SF was local to me, I decided to head out to Alameda to get some coverage of the event. Normally, I would try to do some pretty extensive coverage on shows but I’ve decided to just do “Top Picks” posts from now on instead of full on event coverages. This helps keep posts short and sweet rather than quantity focused. Hope you guys like this new approach to my posts because I’d like to continue to focus on quality rather than quantity. With that said, let’s check out some photos!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

As I was walking toward the venue, I spotted this beautiful Supra and got to chit chat with the owner for a bit.

I believe this Voltex Evo took best of show, which was well deserved in my opinion. I love the resemblance to the time attack Cyber Evo.

Another favorite of mine is this Overtake full carbon GTR.

Very clean Lexus IS300 on Work Emotion XD9; Clean builds are always welcome on this site.

I gotta say I’m not a fan of V8 RX7s but these two are pretty clean, and that turbo’d Rocket Bunny one is just straight crazy.

This J’s Racing S2000 was pretty dirty but it did have some nice authentic parts on the car. I was surprised that J’s Racing actually had a full booth at the show.

Generation gap, but both of these Civics are equally clean.

240/180s should look something like this, they don’t need to have mismatched body panels and replica wheels.

It feels like this Cayman GT4 is at every event, but that’s okay cause it’s very pleasing to the eyes.

So, this about wraps up part 1 of my top picks at Spocom SF, second part will probably be up sometime tomorrow. See you guys then!

[Event Coverage] Spocom Norcal 2015 [Part 3 End]

Throwing up the rest of the Spocom Norcal shots up here tonight and finishing up my little impression on the show. As I said in the previous post, the venue was very clustered and unorganized with distractions lined throughout the show (which you can see in some of the photos). But I honestly wouldn’t mind the distractions as much if the quality of cars were top notch. Of course, it wasn’t, and there were just too many sub-par builds that I can’t justify giving Spocom Norcal a good rating. In all honesty, I actually think their Japantown Shukai show in San Jose were better……and it was free for all…

Keep in mind though, this is all strictly my personal opinion and others may think otherwise, but in the end, I’m just all about getting good, quality coverage for the site.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo purp_zpsbd6icy3z.jpg

 photo spo54_zpsjsmp9bqe.jpg

The Super Street cover GS in all its glory.

 photo spo52_zps7dg2megu.jpg

The partner in crime.

 photo spo46_zpsx5edslyj.jpg

 photo spo47_zpskwfzuaua.jpg

Interesting WRC wide body STi on Work Equips.

 photo spo51_zpstmesxviw.jpg

LS460 with Black Pearl Complete Jewel Line kit.

 photo spo49_zpslw6nowdp.jpg

 photo spo60_zpsvw21kckx.jpg

This wide body Audi was legit!

 photo spo56_zpsf0hayvfx.jpg

Fiat on Work Meisters.

 photo spo55_zpszlocwl9l.jpg

G35 on Gulf Stich wheels.

 photo spo45_zps7k0vgasg.jpg

Volkswagon playpen.

 photo spo48_zpsa3eauw0g.jpg

Loved this van at every show this year.

 photo spo44_zpsrzdymcuz.jpg

The famous Subie wagon on some new Work VS-XX wheels.

 photo spo53_zpsxobajpob.jpg

One of my favorite car in the Bay Area at the moment.

 photo spo58_zpsbgdvvbpq.jpg

 photo spo57_zpsg06j9ztv.jpg

Couple more closeups of the J’s Racing wide body S2K.

 photo spo61_zpszt1zlmin.jpg

Probably the craziest Smart car out there at the moment.

 photo spo62_zpsiyol18dc.jpg

I’m always prefer a nice booty.

 photo spo59_zpsvnxsfn4z.jpg

 photo spo43_zpshhekcfbl.jpg

 photo jdmp_zpsb9qinijz.jpg

And finally finishing off the coverage with the JDM Palace RX7…..this is as JDM as it gets.