Pit Road M Mazdaspeed 3

Now this is a car you don’t see much of, the Mazdaspeed 3! With 263HP and 280LB/FT of torque, it is as capable as any other Japanese sports car out there. Mate these specs along with some Pit Road M treatment, and you’ve got yourself a real heavy hitter!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo d3a42e9330_zpssbtisjvv.jpg

The super rare Knight Sports kit sets the Celestial Blue Mica Speed 3 off real nicely.

 photo 10a67a77b3_zpstluk3rzi.jpg

 photo 7ca5874c1c_zpsxxinueoi.jpg

Volk ZE40 in matte blue is always amazing on any car.

 photo 832fc654ac_zpsxvx7kwoi.jpg

 photo 88c32271c3_zpsbgtoop1s.jpg

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