[Event Coverage] Cars and Coffee SF ONE YEAR [Part 1]

Been pretty busy the past couple of weekends with a few car events I wanted to get coverage for, but my favorite was definitely the C&C one year anniversary meet at Treasure Island. I think all in all there were well over 150 cars that came through. There were the usual Ferraris and Lamborghinis but a few “special” cars showed up as well, but I’m gonna have more on that in a later post.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo e30_zpsybtwnvko.jpg

There were several gorgeous E30s in attendance and this was one of them.

 photo s2ks_zpsxrxbvf4p.jpg

A couple of my S2000 buddies were also in attendance.

 photo mugen_zpsgvvq4umq.jpg

 photo mikey_zpskayj0uh2.jpg

 photo mazda3_zpseaxwxp4w.jpg

This Mazda 3 was sitting super pretty on bronze ZE40.

 photo ze40_zps3qwgwebn.jpg

 photo evora_zpsvgsgunuu.jpg

Lotus Evora.

 photo cosworth_zpszjh3rybn.jpg

This Cosworth Vega motor was pristine!

 photo atom_zpsciclgwvw.jpg

The Ariel Atom made an appearance.

 photo i8_zps5efazytr.jpg

Couple of i8s spreading their wings.

 photo slingshot_zpsfghk2n61.jpg

One of the three Slingshots that were there.

 photo z28_zpsco1d9boj.jpg

Normally I’m not an American muscle guy but this Z28 was fucking beautiful.

 photo gt3_zpsmzf3aysh.jpg

Porsche 991 GT3 rolling through.

 photo mclaren_zps4v7b1cxc.jpg

 photo 650s_zpstjml8gg8.jpg

Mclaren 650S.

 photo 458profile_zpsz3ojyitl.jpg

 photo speciale_zpsjnjevndc.jpg

458 Speciale.

 photo 458back_zps87g4kgmw.jpg

 photo exhaust_zpsu3ptxjzr.jpg

458 with titanium iPE exhaust.

 photo ferrari_zpsg1mzapaz.jpg

And rounding out this post with a classic Ferrari drop top.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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