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[Event Coverage] Cars & Coffee SF 9/5/15 [Part 1]

Better late than never! Finally decided to get some of the C&C SF photos up on the site from over a week ago. I was actually not planning to go because I usually see the same cars at other Bay Area events but I got word that a Koenigsegg Agera R was gonna make an appearance, so I justified getting up early and making the trek to Treasure Island.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo cc4_zps8zfo6uau.jpg

I got to Treasure Island before 9AM and positioned myself for a few entrance shots like this one with five Vipers.

 photo cc2_zps6fzvdpyl.jpg

Caught this GTR entering the venue as well.

 photo cc6_zpsz5dqk33a.jpg

 photo cc5_zpsqco74ddu.jpg

I started walking around the venue and snapped some photos of a few cars that caught my eyes.

 photo cc7_zpsj7imce9z.jpg

Always loved the Lotus Esprit.

 photo cc16_zpsooav7uq8.jpg

The same GTR posted in the parking area.

 photo cc15_zpstmjzmzjl.jpg

Gigantic TED rolling through in an Evo.

 photo cc13_zpscz7y7dyl.jpg

 photo cc14_zpsfdhrc5lh.jpg

 photo cc17_zpsfabxpalw.jpg

One of my favorite Bay Area Evo.

 photo cc20_zpsrkj4jmre.jpg

 photo cc21_zpskkhram91.jpg

Battle scarred Z32 on SSR Professors.

 photo cc19_zpsznzpdlim.jpg

Incredibly clean MKIII on Super Advans!

 photo cc18_zps9ioorw5x.jpg

 photo cc8_zps51qb7mgd.jpg

Of course Ferraris are present.

But the real show stopper was the aforementioned Agera R!

 photo cc22_zps7zidol0x.jpg

 photo cc1_zpsrxsgmznn.jpg

 photo cc9_zpsrqs3k2md.jpg

 photo cc3_zpsuwmryir9.jpg

 photo cc10_zpslgrpti0w.jpg

 photo cc12_zpsbzbnn9m3.jpg

The detail and craftsmanship is just simply stunning…

 photo cc11_zpsdlmmpmhb.jpg


[Event Coverage] Cars & Coffee SF 7/11/15 [Part 2]

Got through most of the Cars and Coffee photos that I wanted to post up, so here goes the second and final post on this event! I still got others to work on, but those would probably be posted up as singles either on Facebook or Instagram. Anyways, as I was going through the photos, I noticed I took more shots of the imports than the exotics, so forgive me if this doesn’t seem like the usual Cars & Coffee posts…

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo m4front_zpspi94ib6p.jpg

GT Auto Concept had a few cars on display with one of them being this Vorsteiner wide body M4.

 photo gtm4_zpsliolr5e3.jpg

 photo gt4_zpspzkie0te.jpg

 photo gtmm4_zpsgwdikqhx.jpg

 photo muscle_zps3l65lg6b.jpg

CLP Motorsports also had a couple cars out.

 photo superlite1_zpsohe6ab9a.jpg

 photo superlite2_zpsoskwkkmq.jpg

The Superlite Coupe.

 photo blitz_zpssil2chln.jpg

Supras were out in full force this past weekend, but I just managed to snap pics of a few.

 photo blksupra_zpstalcg0my.jpg

 photo whtmkiv_zpsgewwooes.jpg

 photo supra_zpslngtlq7n.jpg

 photo fd1_zpss1qvq9rj.jpg

Saw this clean ass FD parked all alone, so I did the full photo treatment.

 photo fd2_zpsjjidv1d7.jpg

 photo trackspec_zpsci9slea1.jpg

 photo m3s_zpsy0mka9gc.jpg

Couple of clean E92 M3s.

 photo gt3_zpslhrghcyn.jpg

Track ready 996 GT3.

Back to some exotics…..

 photo f40s_zpsggmcmdob.jpg

F40s are always eye candy.

 photo f40back_zpslfzrxlyg.jpg

 photo bugatti_zps6i2zuvir.jpg

Veyron getting ready to leave.

 photo lp700_zps8c0cziad.jpg

Aventador following behind.

 photo speciale_zpsu4rr09po.jpg

Ferrari Speciale.

 photo bac_zpsc8cizusf.jpg

Loading up the BAC Mono… I actually like this car a lot, looks better than the Ariel Atom in my opinion.

And finally, gonna close out my coverage with the gorgeous smurf Supra.

 photo smurf1_zpsfxj7pfam.jpg

 photo smurf2_zpsbzwcyy6y.jpg

The owner, Moe, decided to position the Supra in a more scenic spot, so I didn’t want to opportunity to go to waste.

 photo smurf3_zpslclbnvhj.jpg

[Event Coverage] Cars and Coffee SF ONE YEAR [Part 3]

Finally got time to finish up my coverage from C&C SF last weekend but I do have some shots of a couple of gorgeous Supras from the meet that will be up on a later date, so stay tuned for those. But for now, enjoy what I have up in this post. Thanks for looking!

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo blkgt2_zpsausmfr8y.jpg

GT2 rolling through the crowd.

 photo huracanfront_zps4ign7xs1.jpg

Huracan doing the same.

 photo specialesilver_zpsdtcazkpe.jpg

Speciale rolling in.

 photo f40_zpswkvtjw93.jpg

The crowd went wild when this beauty pulled in. I love that so many people still appreciate a classic Ferrari like the F40.

 photo f40close_zps8wqjqfjm.jpg

 photo camero_zpsadfypbfi.jpg

Another shot of this badass Camaro.

 photo audi_zpsdper7tra.jpg

Audi Avant on Volk Racing TE37.

 photo old_zpsqugygpyc.jpg


 photo volvo_zpsq8it9h2b.jpg

Personally, I love Volvos.

 photo gtr_zps5qs5ybuz.jpg

Clean GTR pullin’ in.

 photo frsgtr_zpsnzgosrcj.jpg

Which would you pick? lol.

 photo rx7_zpseze658ra.jpg

Super clean RX7 came through to the meet.

 photo sl_zps2gddnser.jpg

 photo rx7back_zpsqcceypex.jpg

 photo fd3s_zps433h7dkp.jpg

 photo e30m_zps3ru68haz.jpg

 photo dtm_zpskvpqmwxk.jpg

 photo dinan_zpse5zymvgh.jpg

Couple of the cleanest E30 M3s I’ve seen.

 photo evo_zpsigkjtqji.jpg

Voltex Evo.

 photo r32.3_zpshux6a5pk.jpg

This was an interesting car… S13 equipped with R32 facelift.

 photo mr2_zpsktnshvgs.jpg

Don’t see too many clean MR2s like this.

 photo wrx_zpsjleecxxe.jpg

WRX on Enkei RPF1.

 photo z32_zpsgkx8gs1v.jpg

 photo 300zx_zpsq25pr4nl.jpg

 photo wise_zpsr4ijaibo.jpg

Seen this Z32 at numerous events in the past…still super clean on Desmond Wise Sports.

 photo lexus_zpswloyocyu.jpg

Very nice IS300 on Work VS-KF.

 photo supras_zpsq2fcjbho.jpg

 photo asses_zpspbfspdbp.jpg

Lovely lineup that was tucked in the far corner of the parking lot.

 photo mkiv_zpsibw3kxg9.jpg

 photo ccwsupra_zpswkrbt0b3.jpg

Love this Supra on CCW Classics.

That’s all for now, thanks again for checking out this post!