JDM Mini x Work Seeker FX

This is one of those self-explanatory posts… A gorgeous Japanese Mini Cooper S on Work Seeker FX wheels, definitely one of the cleanest Minis I’ve seen!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 30824192cd9603efd3168f9c98983999_l_zpst66rkdzh.jpg

 photo 1d711acc416e5b8639f899941e7433d9_l_zpsub5tyz6y.jpg

 photo 9c97db44b1a5df9e52715747365996d4_l_zpsfinmwtaz.jpg

 photo 704f418e1775983f2f554a23b209e14a_l_zpskfxoxlns.jpg

 photo 207501013_large.v1406058339_zpsvbvwmsk0.jpg

 photo effcb9ff02a70914ce1b5d3cfa6f7bae_l_zpsidnt65oh.jpg

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