[Event Coverage] Cars and Coffee SF ONE YEAR [Part 2]

Been trying to get some more photos up on the blog, so here’s the second part of my coverage from C&C SF this past weekend. To my surprise, there was a ton of imports that showed up, and a handful of really clean ones which is definitely a treat for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love exotics and all, but tastefully modded imports always hits the spot for me.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo gallardo_zpszvkenabs.jpg

This Gallardo drove through as I was snapping pics on the concourse area.

 photo lambo1_zpsajhuvsr4.jpg

 photo lambo2_zpsw67p1lec.jpg

Got a good spot on the grass.

 photo lp640_zps85wvipow.jpg

 photo lp700_zpsrtnoacr9.jpg

Couple more Lambos on the concourse area.

 photo mclarenp1_zpsjhxurfcm.jpg

I love it that this P1 is always out at every event. Characteristic of a true car enthusiast.

 photo mp1_zpstqftgivo.jpg

 photo trio_zpsejrvio4d.jpg

Gorgeous trio.

 photo 599_zpsct7pj9o5.jpg

 photo 599back_zpskzuilxln.jpg

599 GTO.

 photo doublelambo_zpsfsyuuxqk.jpg

Double Huracan.

 photo 991gt3_zps5clobkkz.jpg

Love this 991 GT3!

 photo f430novitec_zpstjewdjlv.jpg

Novitec supercharged F430 putting down close to 800HP!

 photo stockgt3_zpssbgd3k8n.jpg

997 GT3.

 photo DSC_10741_zpsdfgsxh3e.jpg

Pretty sick F-Type on HREs.

 photo duo_zpszjw3y5y2.jpg

Mafia status with a C63 and S4.

 photo m3duo_zpskrivgjzs.jpg

Yin Yang E92.

 photo advanm3_zps4fugee2j.jpg

Loved this E92 M3 on Advan RS.

 photo m4_zpsqydwner0.jpg


 photo lp560_zpsppkwlicy.jpg

Gallardo rolling by breaking necks.

 photo evojdm_zpsjd6x3rdg.jpg

Evo on SLs.

 photo daytona_zpslfnmwdoo.jpg

 photo charger_zpsdmq4jl1x.jpg

Closing out this post with an American classic!!!

Stay tuned for the last part of my coverage!!

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