[Event Coverage] Cars and Croissants 5/23/15 [Part 3]

Last part of my coverage from Cars and Croissants is done! Thanks everyone for coming through and checking out the photos, I’m actually thinking of checking out the Cars and Coffee anniversary event this weekend, so be prepared for more super car photos! Until then, enjoy these…

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo 348_zpsqctfimvd.jpg

Personally, I find Ferraris like the 348 to be a lot more attractive than it’s successors… (i.e. 360)

 photo f430_zpspccnezof.jpg

 photo ferrari430_zps1qjneklh.jpg

Couple of 430s.

 photo ff_zpsdlgygowj.jpg

 photo f12_zpsnxlzjbrd.jpg

F12 Berlinetta looking fabulous.

 photo gallardo1_zpsvmz1ttwe.jpg

Gallardo profile.

 photo 650_zpsntpq9ews.jpg

Mclaren passin’ through.

 photo goldrush_zpsxnflvtbm.jpg

Goldrush Rally 458 and Rolls.

 photo lamboaudi_zpspgdn8cp3.jpg

Couple of GT Auto Concepts beauties.

 photo orangegt3_zpsojt1j1ax.jpg

 photo double_zpsv7jgtiqf.jpg


 photo swappedmini_zpsnaqbwebe.jpg

This was a pretty badass Mini… equipped with VTEC.

 photo mini_zpsniussx2x.jpg

That B-Series tucks nice and tightly in the Mini engine bay.

 photo gtr_zpsidu2mqrn.jpg

Several imports were out and about as well, like this sexy GTR.

 photo nsx1_zpsyg7cizal.jpg

 photo nsx_zpsxoag0b30.jpg

NA1 lookin’ pretty in red and on WedsSports.

 photo carbon1_zpsdgldigsf.jpg

This one though….. was my favorite. 940HP of carbon wide body goodness!

 photo carbon_zpslwvgymwt.jpg

 photo carbon2_zpsl4fxykvy.jpg

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