Auto Produce BOSS STi Spec C

Saw this gem of a car on Yahoo Japan and I knew I gotta get a post started for this beauty. This is actually AP Boss’ demo car and is currently for sale for a ridiculous price of less than 15K U.S. I say ridiculous cause this monster’s got some tasteful (expensive) mods. Starting from the exterior, this beast is rocking a full Varis aero package, a set of prodrive GC-010G in 18×9.5 +12 sizing, and some ballin’ Ganador mirrors. Moving towards to engine bay, we’re greeted with a JUN 2.2L powered by a HKS GT3037 Pro-S turbine and a full BOSS titanium exhaust producing 450 HP. And finally, the interior; super elegant and simple with the help of Prodrive kevlar buckets and steering wheel.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s1_1.png

 photo s2_1.png

 photo s3_1.png

The Varis exterior looks absolutely amazing on this Spec C.

 photo s15.png

 photo s4_1.png

 photo s9_1.png

 photo s5_1.png

 photo s6_1.png

 photo s8_1.png

 photo s7_1.png

 photo s10_1.png

Rotated HKS 3037 Pro-S and a JUN 2.2L motor makes this STi complete.

 photo s11_1.png

 photo s12_1.png

Great builds have quality throughout.

 photo s13.png

 photo s14.png

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